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Drug Intermediate (functional APIs)

Fuji Chemical's expertise in developing functional APIs by value addition is based on 3 strengths

Fuji Chemical can offer manufacturing services for functional APIs on the basis of following 3 strengths:
1. Accumulated knowhow on SD manufacturing process
2. Processing knowhow based on the structures of APIs deduced through API/drug production.
3. Drug designing technology that can maximize the characteristics of individual excipients.
By assimilating these 3 strengths related to drug-designing technology and based on the properties of excipients, we can provide functional APIs in response to customer needs and add new values to pharmaceutical products.

Examples of enhanced functions
Enhancement of solubility Remarkable enhancement of solubility and bioavailability by converting crystalline APIs into amorphous, nano-particles, or solid dispersions.
Improvement of compression and molding property Compression property and tabletability of APIs can be improved.
Powderization of oily substance Any oily APIs can be converted to powder.
Controlled release Controlled release can be possible by micro-encapsulation.
Taste masking Bitterness of API can be controlled by micro-capsulation.
Stabilization of APIs The volatility of a substance can be decreased and the stability of APIs against light or oxygen can be increased.