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Neusilin® has been rated as an excellent antacid in Japan and abroad. It is also widely used as excipient to improve the quality of drugs.

Neusilin® is an antacid developed by Fuji Chemical in 1954. It is classified under gastrointestinal agents that generally contain oxides, hydroxides, carbonates, or silicates of Na, Ca, Mg, and Al, or their complexes. Neusilin® is chemically synthesized from Al, Mg, and Si. Its chemical name is magnesium aluminometasilicate or magnesium aluminosilicate.

Characteristics of Neusilin®

Characteristics No. Description
Versatility, which contributes to quality improvement
(It is widely used as excipient, binder, auxiliary disintegrating agent, or adsorption/powderization agent for tablets, powder-based drugs, granule-based drugs, and capsules).
1 It has a large specific surface area, high porosity, high oil adssorbing capacity, and high water adsorbing capacity.
2 Magnesium aluminometasilicate can be manufactured in the form of 2 distinctly different products (regular Neusilin® and neutral Neusilin®) with the same composition and different surface properties.
3 Excellent compression molding property.
4 Heat stable with no changes over time.
Entire lineup of 14 Grades 5 Different forms are available and each form has a different composition ratio, bulk specific volume, water content, particle shape, and pH at 4% slurry; the type of form can be selected depending upon the usage.
Excellent antacid 6 Its excellent antacid activity can protect the stress-imbalanced stomach from hyperacidity or ulcer formation (amorphous magnesium aluminometasilicate and magnesium aluminosilicate)

Neusilin® is mainly effective for protecting the stress-imbalanced stomach from hyperacidity or ulcer formation. It can rapidly neutralize excessive gastric acid and control pepsin activity by adsorption. It can also adhere to and protect the stomach wall from the effects of hazardous substances and inhibit ulcer formation.

Further, Neusilin® possesses excellent physicochemical properties for drug production, including oil adsorption, water absorption, compression and molding property. It can also be used widely to improve the quality of cosmetics or fine chemical products and drugs, and as an excipient, binder, auxiliary disintegrating agent, anticaking agent, fluidity improving agent, or powder adsorption agent.

Since we understand each step of Neusilin® production owing to many years of technology development at Fuji Chemical, we can manufacture both regular Neusilin® and neutral Neusilin®, which have the same composition but different surface properties. This capability of manufacturing both the forms of Neusilin is indicative of our high-level production technology. By combining these production techniques, we can produce different types of Neusilin® having different bulk specific area, water content, particle shape, and pH at 4% slurry pH as well as Neusilin® A, which is an antacid with high antacidic activity. Overall, we can produce 14 types of Neusilin® with different applications.