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1946 - 1975

The Dawn of Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.

On October 10, 1946 (Showa Era 21), Masayoshi Nishida and Yasumasa Nishida established a new company in Kamiichi-machi, Toyama Pref. The company manufactured yeast cells for bread production to help alleviate the severe food shortage in postwar Japan. Although social conditions were bleak, the company founders continued with their efforts. In 1951 (Showa Era 26), Seizou Ishino a pharmaceutical chemist, was invited to Fuji to start research for an antacid. The company efforts bore fruit in 1954 (Showa era 29) and Fuji successfully developed Neusilin. Neusilin quickly developed acclaim and entered the limelight of the Japanese pharmaceutical industry. Neusilin was recognized as an ideal antacid and free of side effects. By 1964 (Showa 39), Fuji established a strong presence in the Japanese pharmaceutical industry. Fuji succeeded with the organic pharmaceutical products market and began development of Pipethanate. Fuji’s major sales came from organic and inorganic pharmaceutical preparations. In 1969 (Showa Era 44), Fuji acquired land (104,600m2) in Gohkakizawa for business expansion. As a result, Fuji achieved product quality improvements, cost reduction and increased productivity. Fuji was destined for the high-growth period.

Year History of Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.
1946 Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. is established in Kamiichi-machi with Masayoshi Nishida as the first President
1951 Research for Neusilin started.
1954 The mass production and sales of Neusilin starts.
1957 Fuji Chemical applied for patent in the Patent Office's of U.S.A., Germany and U.K. etc.
1960 Fuji Chemical received the Director of Patent Office's Award in Japan.
1961 Fuji Chemical received the Minister of International Trade and Industry's Award for effective invention.
1962 Yasumasa Nishida was inaugurated as President.
1965 The first Spray Drier was completed.
1966 The second Spray Drier was completed. The mass production of Pipethanate as organic drug product started.
1969 Fuji Chemical acquired land (104,600m2) in Gohkakizawa.
1973 Royal Highness Takamatsu made an inspection of Fuji factory.
1974 Facilities for organic drug production and the third Spray Drier were completed in Gohkakizawa Factory.

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