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1976 - 1996

Fuji as a Pioneer of Neusilin

The great depression in 1973 started with "the Oil crisis", which tremendously affected the Pharmaceutical Industry. We were one of those companies that had to endure this severe era. In spite of such difficulties, we succeeded to launch a domestically manufactured anti-neoplastic drug called "Neberk". This was our first formulated drug; developed in 1976 using our own special synthesis technology.
Our past president Ansei Nishida rallied his employees with his belief, "Establish the best technology for developing new and effective drugs in order to save precious human lives. Then the future lights up itself." He had introduced the latest synthesis facilities into one factory one after another. Consequently, Fuji refined its innovative technology and for this reason, it gained us stature as the right partner to many for the domestic and international leading pharmaceutical manufacturers.
From the early eighties we equipped ourselves with large-scale spray dryers to facilitate R&D and the production of "orphan drugs". In doing so we were able to actualize our company belief and become pioneers in the field of Orphan Drugs. After two decades of expansion, Mitsunori Nishida took the post as president and has been leading a new structure of manufacturing, sales and quality assurance ever since.

Year History of Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.
1976 Launched Neberk Capsules
1977 The president was awarded the medal with Blue Ribbon by the Science Technology Agency.The 2nd facility for organic drug factory was completed at Gohkakizawa Plant.
1979 Trial facility for organic drugs was completed at Gohkakizawa Plant.
1980 The 4th Spray Dryer was completed at Gohkakizawa.Received Invention Award in the Middle District and Toyama Prefectural Governor's Award.
1981 The 1st FDA inspection.The 5th Spray Dryer was completed at Gohkakizawa Plant.
1982 Pharmaceutical Factory and QC building were completed at Gohkakizawa Plant
1983 Introduction of FTQ.The 2nd FDA inspection.
1985 Trial facility for Inorganic drug was completed at Gohkakizawa Plant.The 3rd FDA inspection.
1987 The 3rd organic facility was completed at Gohkakizawa Plant.
1989 Formulation facility was completed.The 4th FDA inspection.
1990 The 4th organic building was completed at Gohkakizawa Plant.Launched Angast.
1991 Launched Oldamin.The president was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun Rays Rosette.
1994 In 1994, Astacarotene, the current BioReal AB, Sweden succeeded in industrial cultivation of astaxanthin from Haemaotoccus pluvialis in indoor tanks for the first time in the world.
1995 Ansei Nishida was inaugurated as Chairman of the Board and Mitsunori Nishida as President.The 5th FDA inspection.
1996 Organic refinery building and the 3rd inorganic factory were completed at Gohkakizawa Plant.

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