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1997 -

Challenges for the Future

Fuji has continued to introduce unique and advanced facilities such as hydrogenation and cryogenic temperature equipment. Our latest expansion project was the completion of the organic spray dryer system in 1998. Fuji believes that innovation of new technology is essential in order to offer the best possible service and to meet a customers needs. Fuji is able to support the development of unique and more effective drugs.
Furthermore, Fuji diversified it's business developing nutraceutical products that maintains health and promotes well-being. As society begins to learn and understand the importance of nutrition in minimizing risk of disease, they will also realize novel foods can also improve quality of life. As People will become more aware of Astaxanthin and Tocotrienol, Fuji has high expectations in the many applications of these materials.
For the future, we seek to recognize public needs and promptly tackle challenging research and work on developing valuable/effective products.

Year History of Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.
1998 Organic closed spray-dryer building was completed at Gohkakizawa Plant.
1999 The 6th FDA inspection.BioReal,Inc. (formerly Micro Gaia, Inc.) established for the production of astaxanthin.
2000 Hydrogenating reaction and cryogenic temperature facilities were completed.
2001 Formulation room in inorganic factory was upgraded to cGMP.
2004 The 7th FDA inspection
2005 Guard office was newly established in Headquarters
2006 Plant control building was newly established in Gohkakizawa factory 60th Anniversary cerebration.
2009 AstaREAL® received 2009 Frost & Sullivan Product innovation award.
2010 Attained full GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) for AstaREAL® Astaxanthin.

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