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Spray Drying Technology

Benefits and Equipment

SD technology is more effective than other methods in terms of achieving uniformity and particle size control that are required for drug manufacture. Further, the cost effective performance of this technology is also attractive.

We support new drug development of pharmaceutical companies by supplying functional APIs with enhanced properties, developed by our solid dispersion technology and oil into powder conversion technology.

Fuji Chemical possesses two types of SDs: Open-cycle unit, which uses aqueous feed, and closed-cycle unit, which can use both of water and organic solvents.

General characteristics of a SD

Characteristics No. Overview
High versatility 1 A majority of solutions, slurry, and emulsion can be spray dried.
2 This technique provides dry powder of good uniformity
3 Particle size, bulk density, morphology and water content can be controlled directly
Improvement of business/production efficiency 4 The scale up from pilot production to commercial production is easy.
5 Continuous mass production is possible.
6 Reduction of number of steps in granulation process from conventional 4–5 to 1 allows high cost performance.
7 Molding property and tabletability can be improved
Improvement of stability 8 Spray dryer is suitable for drying thermally unstable drugs.
9 Lead to stabilization of drugs
Addition of DDS function 10 Improvement of solubility and bioavailability
11 Controlled release
12 Taste masking