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Protecting human health and healing disease: Enhancing quality of life through our three core strengths.

Fuji Chemical Industries focus on three core businesses based on our philosophy that improving quality of life, even in an aging population, contributes to the development of society. Our APIs and Pharmaceutical businesses provide excipients and processing services, such as drug delivery system (DDS) technology to meet today's needs. Our Life Sciences business is developing preparations and health food supplements using the natural antioxidant Astaxanthin which has garnered worldwide attention for its preventive health care and anti aging benefits. Life sciences also offer specialty excipients that can improve and solve many of the tabletting problems. Our Retail business is engaged in marketing and PR of our Astaxanthin based products to consumers.

APIs & Pharmaceuticals

Responding to customer needs with proprietary technologies & global QA

Contract Manufacturing

Based on the key concepts of creativity, reliability and collaboration, Fuji Chemical Industries rapidly and dependably provides quality products to drug companies in Japan and around the globe. We manage all of our processes in compliance with GMP requirements and provide various document preparation services including Drug Master Files (DMFs) and new molecular entity (NME) applications in accordance with Japan's Law Concerning the Examination and Regulation of Manufacture, etc. of Chemical Substances and the Occupational Health and Safety Law.


Fuji Chemical Industries caters to a diverse range of process-specific needs, from our spray drying (SD) solutions exploiting our core strengths to API and drug product manufacturing. We also provide integrated manufacturing solutions from API to drug product.

Pharmaceuticals & Excipients

Since the successful application of our antacid Neusilin® as an excipient, Fuji Chemical Industries has been working to develop proprietary excipients, culminating in the market launch of the unique, novel excipients Fujicalin® and F-MELT®. We have also helped to boost pharmaceutical product performance and accelerate time to market by developing drug delivery system (DDS) solutions based on our spray drying (SD) technology

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Life Sciences Business

Utilizing proprietary excipients and functional materials which leverage the safety and efficacy of natural materials, we are now developing a wide range of products which have applications in pharmaceuticals, health foods and cosmetics.

Functional ingredients

The Fuji Chemical Industries Group began its work with astaxanthin, renowned for its benefits in the prevention of disease, as early as 1994. Since then, we have diversified our astaxanthin business from raw materials to the marketing of finished products. We have also been actively involved in seminars and symposiums on astaxanthin, and have accumulated a wealth of research evidence in collaboration with universities and research organizations. The Fuji Chemical Industries Group will continue in its role as a leading innovator of astaxanthin in order to make a positive contribution to the evolution of preventive health care.

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Retail Business

Providing superior health foods to make beauty, health and quality of life accessible to all

Medical Nutrition

We currently market our astaxanthin-based AstaREAL® ACT dietary supplement and ASTARISM® skincare base beauty essence to more than 1200 health care facilities all over Japan, and are expanding our efforts with the aid of experts in disease prevention & medicine.

Dietary Supplements and Cosmetics

Through our wholly owned subsidiary, Natureal Corporation, Fuji Chemical Industries markets astaxanthin-based health supplements and cosmetics to the general public. In addition to raising awareness of astaxanthin's health and beauty benefits, we are also involved in initiatives to support the promotion of sports culture including top athletes.

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